ROSWEALTH’s identity is a reflection of the Founder’s own personality. It is a mirror of the “code” he acquired, summing up the essence of his childhood with lessons he has learned along a particular testing path, leading him to where he is today.


ROSWEALTH stands for a strong and charismatic culture formed by values and morals containing an identity composed of loyalty, respect, consideration, ambition, courage, strength, faith, belief, honor, and trust, where rules are imposed to obtain a solid foundation capable to support development.


Nothing is built without a strong base. The Trust has shown to withstand the test of time, and as such, “today is not the present but the beginning of tomorrow”, added by the vision that, “each day that passes represents an earlier termination of our actual mission”.


The line of conduct employed by Manuel Ros to build his financial empire was generated by an accumulation of life lessons and experiences with major analysis upon the grounds of his failures, representing his most valuable teachings. Implementation of this knowledge led to the creation of ROSWEALTH, his legacy whereby not only wealth is passed onto his descendants but accompanied by the moral code to which he stands by. Mutual loyalty is the engine for the longevity and stability of his family heritage, implementation of which will lead to their continuing life success.


Putting personal interests first will obtain “quick wins”, but acting without loyalty and strong values ignore the larger interests of the parties involved. Operating instead within the ROSWEALTH culture may be a longer route, but undoubtedly strengthens and solidifies the fundamentals we are working towards.