"There is a huge difference between being rich and being wealthy ... this is the reason why I believe that the real success for a man is not related to how much money he can make, but on the type of family he is able to create. The real achievement is determined upon the smiles he can deliver on the faces of his family members, which is where the real wealth lies."

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ROSWEALTH, for me, represents everything I have always wanted to achieve. My own life can be compared to that of a rollercoaster attraction. I have gone from an extremely low place to remarkably high, within a short period of time. When we climb, we feel great. However, I have also experienced the decline, going from those outstanding highs to rock bottom at full speed. The sensation we feel when we are going down has a different ‘taste’. The emotion is transformed, and with us, we are carrying other people and the trust they held in us.


The responsibility I feel towards people who offer me their trust has sometimes been the only reason why I have not chosen solutions in my favor, but instead for their benefit. Despite enduring the personal consequences arising from my choices, from a moral standpoint, I have always felt at peace with my soul knowing that I would be the only one affected by my decision.


These experiences resulted in the knowledge that, prior to becoming wealthy, a man must build the solid foundations on which he raises his wealth. The rollercoaster can be exciting for a while, but not forever. When I have reached my financial capacities, of which I am representing today, I have understood that the moment to build that solid base has come. I have decided to create this incredible structure for the Trust and with the support of top professionals and banking operators, they have expressed their trust in favor of my future children. I wish to offer them the perfect mechanism – not run as a rollercoaster, but a Swiss watch system – with the intention of guaranteeing the enjoyment based on the essence of my life experience, without enduring the hard times I experienced.


Life has educated me on the profound importance of the people who decided to believe in me and my project. For this reason, I wanted to create a system that could be the perfect mechanism to provide benefit, attention, and consideration to each and every person who has stood by me during the hard times. I have genuine respect for those who have shared that experience with me, in terms of the loyalty they offered me throughout the worst moments of my life.


Today, I am what I represent due to the loyalty I have received, especially during the moments when people were trying to attack me, hoping to see me fall and waiting to open a bottle of champagne in celebration of my demise. Unfortunately, for them, I’ve had only been knocked down for a short time, raising myself up and returning stronger than before. This success was a result of the support and belief I have received from significant individuals, for whose individual courage, I praise.


ROSWEALTH is not for me but set up on its own running system to offer my future children and the people who have believed in me the benefit of what I’ve achieved and created, allowing them to enjoy the result of my life. The system will bring and represent stability upon their lives, making me the happiest human on earth and proud of myself in that I always had the capacity to turn a negative encounter into a profitable and positive experience, thanks to my internal strength.


                                                             Manuel Ros

                                                         Founder & Executor