ROSWEALTH TRUST is the owner of the entire family heritage. The prestigious headquarters forming the private family offices are located in the heart of central London in Pall Mall, an exclusive area of Mayfair, just a few steps away from Buckingham Palace and with over 100 permanent staff members.


The highly specialist team is dedicated to performing the administration of wealth management strategies for the benefit of the family members, developing their interests with full support from major banking institutions. They are responsible for carrying out due diligence and compliance studies whilst synchronizing all departments that form the internal organization to overlook global missions.


The executors oversee part of the investments in leading banking institutions, seeking participation in their “shareholders book” represented by both shares and banking products and offering the right of participation in board meetings. They – as executors – also administer part of its equity to meet the needs of the family members, on a case by case basis, within the guidelines set by the Founder upon the Trust’s inception.


Part of the internal team is tasked to deal with the administration of the Trust’s assets in line with the beneficiary’s interests. This includes globally located properties, luxury cars, the superyacht, private jet and helicopter. All aspects of the beneficiary’s day to day requirements are dealt with by the team to fully meet their needs and expectations.