ROSWEALTH today represents Manuel Ros’ achievements which have resulted in a stable platform, coming at great personal cost to the Founder to get to where he is today. Along the way, there have been many successes and failures, both from which he has learned a lot of hard lessons.


Stability is not an easy place to find in life and building a solid base is the most difficult goal for any human. Problems can come from various directions, yet the backbone to life's strengths arise from close relationships starting with family and life partners, where the defining element is not financial wealth, but honor and trust.


The financial wealth which forms ROSWEALTH today is not inherited but as a result of the hard work and personal sacrifices that Manual Ros has had to make. The Founder has personally suffered deep failures and great successes over his working career of over twenty years, for the most part without due personal stability.


Manuel Ros’ life has been a roller coaster of “ups and downs”. However, as a result, he has become a product of the lessons and experiences endured, acquiring the knowledge and ability to adapt the means to perfect his strategies in order to achieve the goals he has set himself; the success he is enjoying today.


This is what led Manuel Ros to create ROSWEALTH. His wish is that his family will enjoy the fruits of his labor, live within a stable environment surrounded by social harmony based on strong values and representing the identity they will carry forward. His ability to provide such conditions lies in the form of a Family Trust, inclusive of the education on the philosophy of his achievements. From this, generations to come will benefit from not only financial security but the moral and social conscience carried with it.

The Founder’s hope is for this “Swiss Watch” system to provide Manuel Ros’ dynasty with a heritage that operates selflessly for their maximum benefit, ensuring each of them avoids the same hard-life moments he suffered.