ROSWEALTH has not been created to generate or boost profits from the Trust, but to protect its beneficiaries both now and in the future. Its purpose is to protect and sustain the heritage it contains for the Founder’s family members for generations to come.


Life events prove on a daily basis, that as humans we cannot always control our destiny and what the future has in store for us. For some individuals, dealing with unstable environments can be disconcerting. For this reason, the Trust will endeavor to work to ensure stability for all parties concerned in order to provide a harmonious ‘safe haven’.


We believe the cornerstone of stability is to maintain and promote strong values with strict rules and guidelines, along with a humane approach to the business at all levels by each and every person involved in the organization. This further exemplifies our belief that trust is entirely dependent upon the loyalty and dedication of its members; staff, supporters, and partners, alongside each and every person who plays a part in making ROSWEALTH a success. This vision should be adopted, not by one individual, but by all, contributing their faith to the triumph of the whole organization.


ROSWEALTH is moving to produce an environment of “social harmony”, and it is the Founder’s wish that the employee’s families are included in events organized by the Trust; to be known as “ROSWEALTH Days”. All members of the organization and their families can participate in open forums, where individual needs can be addressed. If required, it can then be referred to the Foundation’s administration team for consideration by the executors and trustees, under the supervision of Manuel Ros.


Producing a harmonious environment will lead to the Trust’s success, allowing members and staff to participate in the growth of the entire organization. By encouraging their development within the ROSWEALTH philosophy and offering support, guidance, and attention to their needs, we promote loyalty amongst all individuals to the benefit of the global structure.