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Manuel Ros (born September 20, 1977) is an Italian self-made businessman and billionaire whose net worth is an estimated $8 billion. He is the President of the investment firm FINSOR HOLDING, which he founded in 2006. FINSOR operates with an estimated $20 billion in investment capital.


Early life and education

Manuel Ros was born in 1977 in Cuneo, Italy, grew up for the first period in Sanremo and the rest of his life in Milan, son of a gaming machine factory owner. Manuel’s parents come from two different industries, the father from a real estate developer family, his mum, from a large family owner of amusement parks, better known as “Luna Park”.


Manuel began to live his life travelling around Italy, moving weekly from one city to another, where his maternal grandfather, and mentor, had to bring the park attraction. Due to an itinerant life, Manuel Ros began his schooling by attending different class and changing friends over various cities, until the age of 8 when Manuel's parents decided to change their lives, going to live permanently in Sanremo, where his father started the gaming machines factory.


Manuel Ros went to middle school Dante Alighieri in Sanremo, he attended all the schools part of the educational program and obtained the diploma of a surveyor at the Cristoforo Colombo Institute, followed by the University of Turin where he attended in 1996 the faculty of law, after which he started working with a law firm to complete his qualifications in both financial and insurance structures. Manuel Ros holds multiple Masters Degrees in Finance from institutions in Italy, Switzerland and the UK. Manuel Ros speaks fluent Italian, French, Spanish, and English.


During his university stage, Manuel simultaneously worked in his father's factory, with high responsibilities. In March 1998, due to a profound disagreement with his father, Manuel decided to leave the family home with the sole intention to realize his dreams.



Manuel began his business career by leaving the family home with 160.000 Italian lira, today $80, and some clothes. At the time the only asset he owned was his car, a Mazda MX3,  which he used as a home to sleep in for thirteen nights and taking shower at night in the public fountain.


During this period Manuel Ros invented his first job, introducing himself to various suppliers of building materials from which he has been able to acquire their trust becoming a commercial representative with the mission to sell their products to contractors.

After two weeks he had earned the sum of 13 million lire, today $7,500 with which he immediately rented an empty house without furniture, see the photo, and bought a mattress placed on the floor, chairs and plastic table.


Manuel Ros immediately sold his car, buying a very old van and reinvesting the rest of the money in the purchase of the first gaming machines called “videopoker”, at the time authorized by Italian law.


Manuel began to work alone day and night, visiting bars, restaurants and gambling halls with the intention of convincing individual owners to accept his gaming machines for free by dividing the profit generated by the players' wagers.


From that moment, Manuel Ros started investing all the profits in his new business, at the same time, he carried out the duties of commercial, repairer, installer, transporter and any other role necessary to keep running the gaming machines installed.


In May 1998, Manuel Ros created his first gaming company called AUTOMAT with a small office in Sanremo, which over 8 years he has strongly developed to have over five hundred employees and ten offices in Italy, generating revenues of millions of euros every week. During the rapid expansion, Manuel Ros decided to move the central office from Sanremo to Milan where he then moved to live permanently. In March 2006, due to a legislative change, Manuel decided to dissolve AUTOMAT and leave the gaming sector.


In 2003 Manuel was already living in the Principality of Monaco when at the same time of running AUTOMAT, he started a parallel activity to invest his capitals in various sectors outside the Italian market.


In 2007 Manuel Ros moved to London where he founded REMAR, the current financial investment company, with the mission of raising money from individuals and companies to reinvest in dedicated projects and sectors with high growth potential. REMAR has achieved remarkable results, today it is present in over 48 countries and has a collection capacity of approximately $6 billion per year.


In 2009 Manuel Ros created his own private holding company, FINSOR, initially based in Switzerland, with the mission of reinvesting personal capital in third party sectors, with a value of over $3 billion of equities. The same year, in the middle of the world financial crisis, Manuel had to transfer REMAR Headquarter to Dubai where it remained until 2017 when it was then brought back to London.


Between 2017 and 2019 Manuel Ros gave life to various projects that he decided to incorporate under FINSOR HOLDING. This expansion generated the need to restructure the corporate structure, both geographically and legally, transforming what was a private investment company into a financial holding worth over $20 billion.


In 2019 Manuel Ros decided to separate the private from the professional, focusing on the future by forming the private family trust called ROSWEALTH with the main office in London, at the head of his financial and corporate empire, to which he gave a. the approximate value of $8 billion consisting of assets, equities, financial investments and companies.


Currently, Manuel Ros is developing FINSOR HOLDING, creating a mega Headquarters in New York where there will be over 1650 employees in charge of creating, developing and managing the six major companies that form the new organization. One of the companies in the new AUTOMAT, which marks the return of the Manuel Ros in the gambling market, not only in Italy but as well online.


Manuel Ros's current business creations are:


BILLIOMAR, operating in the F&B sector with the creation of the WOMANIZER concept that will be established in the 12 major cities in the world;


AUTOMAT, operating in the gaming sector in Italy over 10 major regions and online with a casino and betting platforms, connected to the investment network proposed by REMAR. It’s a unique concept;


REMAR, the diamond of the group for which has been created a strategic development of targeted investment programs. The REMAR FUND evolution includes the creation of a “street financial trading market”. A concept that has never existed before;


ITASON, for the worldwide development of a new e-commerce concept, a sort of teleportation of each user directly inside the store. A futuristic and safe method;


PASTAFLY, for the development of a unique concept of Italian fast-food dedicated to airports. An unrivalled concept.


FORMEDIA, for a media platforms creation, with the realization of “THE ASCENDER” a unique television format, with innovative criteria and investment in long-range talent.


Wealth and investments

Manuel Ros began to accumulate his wealth from the gaming industry, managing the cash he extracted from the gaming machines located at his customers. In 2001, his wealth was already over $2 million.


In 2007, aged 30, Manuel Ros was one of the youngest self-made individuals in Italy with an estimated net worth above $1 billion which he used to perform personal investments in banks, insurance companies and various financial entities, acquiring both shares and stakes, obtaining a specialization in the economic-financial field.


In 2014, Manuel Ros reportedly earned $3.5 billion including shares of his investment firm’s, banks, private equity funds, cash compensation, stock and option awards.


As of 2020, Manuel Ros had an estimated net worth of US$8 billion, making him one of the richest forties in Italy. Although approached several times by organs and magazines of the financial and banking world, Manuel, despite the presence of various evidence, has always wanted to keep the value of his wealth confidential without disclosing any information.


Manuel Ros owns a large portfolio of real estate, including a 2003 acquisition of property in Monte Carlo, for $25 million, and in 2005 a luxury chalet in Courchevel for €40 million ($47 million). As well, in 2014 made various real estate investments in Dubai by purchasing various properties for a $58 million, some of them in the luxurious Burj Khalifa. In 2015 purchased apartments in Buckingham Gate near Buckingham Palace for £45 million ($56 million). In January 2017, Manuel Ros bought a property in New York City in the Tribeca area for $23 million.

Manuel Ros has always been a courageous investor with the concept of money as a tool of creation and not a symbol of wealth. He has never given value to money, nor has he ever changed his habits and behaviors towards work, successes and people.


Manuel being easy to approach, has always been surrounded by people who offered him great earning opportunities. It has been able to inject money into needy entities with great growth capacity. Manuel Ros’s business vision allowed him to sit at the tables of the boards of directors to acquire information and experience to manage investments that have multiplied the value of his wealth.


Manuel Ros has always been a lover of racing cars and motorbikes. Known for always having a fleet of supercars. In 2000, when he was just over 22, he acquired his first jewel, a Porsche Boxster S, in 2003 his first Ferrari Modena 360 F1. In 2004 it enriched its fleet with the addition of the first Lamborghini Gallardo. Today Manuel owns a large number of top-level cars which he keeps in all his properties.


In 2001 Manuel Ros bought his first 10-meter boat and in 2006. When he was just 28 years old, the purchased for €6 million ($7.2 million) a Mangusta 92 super-yacht, see photo. In 2007, Manuel improved his level by purchasing for €11 million ($13 million) a second super-yacht Mangusta 105, see photo. Superyachts have never been lacking in Manuel Ros's life, today he owns three yachts, one 120ft in Dubai, 130ft in Monaco and a third of 165ft in Miami.


In 2007, when Manuel Ros was 30, Manuel bought his first private helicopter Agusta A109S and a jet Cessna Citation X, both worth $28 million.


Manuel, through HOLMAR HOLDING, a company created for investments in luxury services, owns shares in third-party companies having luxury concierge activities, specializing in a private jet and mega-yachts charters, for business and luxury holidays in properties located over dream destinations.


Manuel Ros wealth is composed of Assets, Cash, Investments Banking Products and distributed between USD 280 Million, in Assets Fully Paid, USD 4 Billion, in Equity and USD 4,5 Billion in Investments Banking Products at medium and long-term.


Market Advocacy

The success obtained through the perseverance that has always distinguished Manuel Ros has generated particular attention from many of his national and non-national peers, becoming a sort of reference to take as an example.


In August 2016, Manuel Ros wrote a series of editorials published on his blog and later reported by various media and newspapers, in which he described the rules of his success, business advice, why Italy does not attract foreign investors. He also expressed the reasons why he was certain that BREXIT would good for the British economy. Manuel has also published a report on the Italian banking policy.


Manuel Ros has always exhibited his person with vigor, pride and courage, there is publicly a multitude of articles reporting the activities, successes and enterprises he has conquered. Manuel Ros's public profile leaves no secrets nor grey areas. He has always opted for transparency as the only currency to repay the trust and consideration he constantly receives from those who believe in him.


In June 2020 Manuel Ros wrote and published a book about his life, an autobiography available in six languages entitled "The Absolute Truth", a success foretold considering that only after the first two weeks from the announcement he received requests for over ten thousand copies.


Political views

Manuel Ros has always been a supporter of entrepreneurial politics, called right-wing, he found satisfaction in the vision and management of Italian politics in Silvio Berlusconi whom he admires and esteems as a man and entrepreneur. In 2016 he also published thought on the reasons for the failure of the Italian government system. Manuel Ros is a Donald Trump supporter who believes he is a person of a thousand lives with uncommon realization skills.



In 2019, Manuel Ros founded the ROSWEALTH Foundation. The foundation is particularly focused on Manuel’s core values, to which lives by in his private and business life.


The social objective of the Foundation is expressed by a humanitarian presence, to offer support when people need it during difficult moments in their lives; a warm way to express the appreciation of the loyalty they have shown to Manuel Ros’s projects and missions.


The foundation acts to redistribute part of the wealth to the advantage of members within Manuel Ros’s organization who have been affected by serious circumstances. A dedicated solution is required to help these individuals in the instance of health, medical, educational, housing and legal issues, and major life problems.


At the beginning of 2020, Manuel, through the ROSWEALTH FOUNDATION made a $1 million donation.


Art collection

Manuel Ros is an active modern and contemporary pen’s and watches buyer. He owns a large collection of pens and prestigious watches the treasures without even using the objects he possesses. The passion stops at the prestigious collection of diamonds he owns, considering it an investment more than a passion.



Manuel Ros is a person of integrity, determined, straightforward, loyal, clear in the exposition of thought. Pragmatic, passionate and honest, sensitive, generous and selfless but not diplomatic. A great calculator, strategist, cold in reasoning but at the same time impatient, intolerant and selective.


Fussy with extreme attention to detail, known for its broad vision. A hard worker, 18 hours a day is a typical day, without considering weekends and holidays. Extremely ambitious, brave and hungry, it is not money that generates the mass of energy naturally invests in what it believes but the need to create and see an idea realized. Manuel Ros is attracted by impossible challenges.


Manuel Ros makes principles a reason for living, it does not consider interests before ethic. He works with the sole intent of obtaining and preserving people's trust, he considers himself rich not because of the money but rather the amount of trust he gets from the high number of people who believe in him.

Personal life

Manuel Ros has never been married and never had children.


Known for being a lover of beautiful women. Manuel has had a long list of relationships with women of various nationalities. Despite having always been surrounded by high-class girls, he never decided to get married to start a family.


Victim of Defamation

Manuel Ros strong and unstoppable determination has not only to be the reason for his success but also the source of envy and hatred created around him by third parties, who tried to equate him while he was busy building his future.


In 2007 due to poor individual skills, Manuel Ros had at some point to lay off some collaborators. Some of them, in response, have begun to promote threats. Manuel Ros became a victim of various attempted extortion, against the menace of ruining his public reputation on which his success is based.


Manuel Ros has not succumbed to such pressure, a former employee, in particular, has created and published a smear campaign since 2009, creating various blogs and pages on social media, with the sole intention of stoning Manuel Ros public reputation, tarnishing his morality and the principles. Various legal actions were been taken against the violator.


In 2017, the same ex-employee organized the publication of a false judicial involvement of Manuel Ros in Italy, when in reality hasn't lived there since 2006. The fake news flooded the front pages of major Italian newspapers and created enormous difficulties between all business, financial and banking relationships but the strength and transparency that Manuel Ros always granted to everyone won once again by maintaining solid personal and professional relationships that he has all around the world.


Media and Interviews

Manuel Ros produced an interesting interview composed by 100 questions, in Italian with subtitles in various languages, a journey all over the last 15 years of his life, as well as an answer to all questions expressed by his supporters.

This interview ranges from the beginning of Manuel Ros life, touches the personal description, family, failures, successes, professional and the future, an excellent tool to get to know Manuel Ros.


Sports and Hobbies

Manuel Ros, he started riding his first motocross bike at the age of 2 and a half. Since then he has never stopped, Manuel spent his childhood competing in the Regional, Italian, European Enduro and Motocross championships, obtaining excellent results that saw him a champion. Motorsport Racing, F1, MotoGP, Motocross, Tennis are representing their favorite hobbies.


Today Manuel Ros continues his passion and also practices all kinds of motorsport hobbies, competing with Go-karts, racing cars, speed bikes in professional circuits and motocross races across the desert. As part of the major passions, Manuel Ros produces and revisits songs by creating melodies capable of offering emotions. Manuel’s musical works are available for listening on the SoundCloud music page.


Passions and Leisure

Manuel Ros passion is represented by cars, motorbikes, watches, pens and Technology. Holidays at Beach Island Resorts, Sky, Resorts, Yacht Holidays, Traveling are Manuel leisure’s


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