The Founder’s core values, to which he lives by in his private and business life, was molded by a self-learning process formed by each experience.
Manuel’s life experiences have instilled in him a “code of ethics”, which he wishes to impart upon everyone involved
within the ROSWEALTH family, those being both direct family members and extended members involved in the Trust of whom he considers family.
The “code” can be summarized by a few keywords: loyalty, hard work, honesty, consideration, respect, and values. To
implement this philosophy and recognize the efforts of the staff who execute and perform those trends, a foundation
has been conceived.

The social objective of the Trust is expressed by a humanitarian presence, represented by ROSWEALTH FOUNDATION, to offer support when people need it during difficult moments in their lives; a warm way to express the appreciation of the loyalty they have shown to the Founder’s family members and Trust.
The foundation acts to redistribute part of the wealth to the advantage of members within the Trust’s organization who have been affected by serious circumstances. A dedicated solution is required to help these individuals in the instance of health, medical, educational, housing and legal issues, and major life problems.

This philosophy will also look into wider social circumstances outside of the Trust, to assist on a case by case basis to major serious events of which contributions can be effective.