ROSWEALTH is where “Strength meets Principles”; developed through the synergy of the “Social Family Corporation” concept of which we are characterized by. We believe that cynical interests without strongly defined boundaries are the basis for social and family dysfunction, resulting in the loss of life’s lineage.


Our aim is to transform the concept of a “Business Empire” into a “Family Heritage”, incorporating core family values to the management criteria and not cynical corporate strategies.


A corporate entity can be a useful social means to convey financial gain to future generations, however, it still requires core strategies for it to guarantee social support in the long term.


ROSWEALTH’s vision is to impose methodology ensuring the philosophy is fully implemented to the Manuel Ros identity, with strict guidelines for all parties to follow. This will guarantee the longevity of the Trust and will enhance sustainability for generations of the Founder’s descendants to come. The mission is to successfully handover the Trust from generation to generation, maintaining links between family members, trustees and employees. This will manifest itself in a social family unit where loyalty to the whole entity will be more important than the sum of the parts.


This is a long-term strategy and should also encompass any major external entities involved in the Trust. By creating a self-governing “live” entity, it will become an autonomous system without the need for a single major-role player, that could at some time in the future, influence the basic philosophy created from ‘The Manuel Ros Vision’.


The intention is to allow the Founder comfort in knowing that his future children will have his creation handed to them in its entirety as a true family heritage, allowing the Trust to function similar to the “Swiss watch” concept. The mechanism is manufactured by experts and sealed by its creator; the individual uses it daily for their enjoyment without being responsible for its management.