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Maria Shikhabudinova
Editorial Executive

Maria holds a first-class degree in Journalism from the Dagestan State University. She also holds several professional diplomas in Communications and was the youngest ever recipient of a Fellowship in Communications where she designed and conducted original research into the impact of the body language of political leaders on their electoral success.

Prior to working at ROSWEALTH, Maria worked in the Republican of Dagestan Newspaper "Dagestanskaya Pravda" as part of the editorial team. She has been the promoter of relevant topics related to literary criticism about the merits of students in educational institutions.

She has prime professional experience in Communication Strategies and Editorials. She has a variety of experiences in journalism across European Countries publishing breaking news stories including culture and literature related to France, Switzerland, Germany along reporting social major events in Europe.

Mrs. Shikhabudinova has achieved excellent knowledge of business principals, policies, operations, and financial strategies within international business environments. Her career is formed by large experience acquired over 1 year in REMAR GROUPMoscow Branch, where she held the position of Commercial Editorial as part of the Marketing Department in charge of promoting corporate initiatives. 1 year in ROSWEALTH ORGANIZATION - London, UK Headquarter and Dubai Private Office, where she holds the position of Editorial Executive in charge to develop Press, Web, and Marketing contents, along developing communications strategies with the mission to publishing over major Russian press channels ROSWEALTH's group activities.


Beyond her role as an editorial, Maria has volunteered her time to moderate numerous forums and fund-raise for organizations.

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